4 Delicious Ways to Cook Plantains

Plantains are a delicious and versatile food that turns up in many different dishes and settings. Though plantains are technically fruits and look like large bananas to the untrained eye, their lack of sweetness means they are used more like vegetables in most cuisines.

Traditional Plantain Dishes to Wow Your Guests

Plantains are a staple in several different cultures, particularly throughout the mainland of South America as well as the surrounding islands in the Caribbean, such as Puerto Rico. They have even made their way into certain regional cuisines of North America, particularly in the creole culture of New Orleans.

Take a look below at four incredible dishes from different cultures that all use plantains in a new and exciting way.

1. Mangú con los Tres Golpes

This classic meal is a mainstay in Dominican culture and can be eaten at any time of day. Plantains are boiled and mashed to create the centerpiece and surrounded by cheese, fried eggs, and salami.

2. Aborrajados de Plátano

Aborrajados de plátano is a beloved snack throughout Latin America. Plantains are cut and shaped into fritters, combined with mozzarella cheese, and fried together to create delicious cheesy goodness.

3. Arroz de Pajarito

This side dish will often be included in a larger dinner preparation in Colombia. Fresh, ripe plantains are combined with rice and a few other ingredients, depending on what’s available and what the chef prefers. Some common additions include onions, bacon, coconut, or garlic.

4. Plantain and Lamb Casserole

Plantain and lamb casserole was invented by chefs at Commander’s Palace, a famous New Orleans restaurant that specializes in authentic creole cuisine. Lamb and plantains make up the base, and multiple herbs and spices are added to create the finished product.

With the right ingredients, you can enjoy flavorful dishes. Plantains are the perfect complement to new culinary adventures!

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